What’s the point: GitHub, Microsoft Azure and Heptio Ark edition

What’s the point: GitHub, Microsoft Azure and Heptio Ark edition

So many point releases, so little time. To keep you up to date on your favourite projects and inform you about previews and release candidates, devClass will regularly summarize smaller releases in combined news items – ‘cause what’s the point in keeping them all to ourselves.

After some months of testing behind closed doors, the Azure Service Fabric team has opened the preview of its Service Fabric Mesh to any user of the US West, US East, and Europe West Azure regions interested in the new service. Microsoft describes their offering as a fully-managed service to deploy and operate containerized applications, letting developers of the hook when it comes to managing resources and configurations.

Currently, Fabric Mesh is free of charge, however, this will change in the upcoming months with no information on the pricing available yet. There are also limitations to the number of applications, cores, etc. for the preview, which are listed in the blog post accompanying the beginning of this preview phase.

Another update from the house of Microsoft can be found in the repository hosting service GitHub: Following Ruby and JavaScript, Python is the third programming language for which GitHub offers security vulnerability alerts. They will be set off whenever dependencies on packages with known security vulnerabilities are found in a repository. Dependency graphs for the language should give programmers an additional way to stay on top of their dependencies.

Meanwhile, users of the container orchestration project Kubernetes might find the recently released version 0.9.0 of Heptio’s disaster recovery management utility Ark of interest. New features include an integration with the backup program restic. There’s also initial support for exporting metrics in the data format the widely-used monitoring system Prometheus utilises, which could prove beneficial for the adoption of the project.