What’s the point: AWS/PowerShell, GitLab, Docker Community Engine

What’s the point: AWS/PowerShell, GitLab, Docker Community Engine

AWS has announced PowerShell Core 6.0 support with AWS Lambda, delighting those who love Microsoft’s configuration tool AND Serverless.

The new feature will enable PowerShell Core users to execute PowerShell scripts or functions in response to any Lambda event, such as an Amazon S3 event or Amazon CloudWatch scheduled event.

AWS has an explanation, and details on the appropriate components, and how to write a script here.

Gitlab DevOps by default

GitLab will turn its DevOps features on by default in its upcoming 11.3 release, due on September 22. GitLab promises the DevOps features automatically detect, build, test, deploy, and monitor your applications, once you’ve hit push.

It reckons most popular programming languages shouldn’t be a problem, but “there may be some specialized projects for which additional configuration is required”.

Docker opens CE 18.09 beta

Docker has announced a beta programme for Docker Engine – Community (CE) 18.09. This version is built on containerd 1.2 and fully supported through the Kubernetes containerd integration.  It also promises “improved build performance and scalability with the optional BuildKit integration”.

Users are invited to download the package and begin “kicking the tires, and submitting issues” here.