Sysdig scoops deeper into Prometheus, equips Monitor with PromQL compatibility

sysdig monitor

Sysdig has reshaped its Monitor 3.0 service for Prometheus users, making it compatible with the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) and adding a Grafana plugin.

The plugin helps in adding Sysdig as a Grafana data source, visualizing its metrics and dashboards within the open source analytics platform as well.

Since the last version update, the Sysdig team has streamlined the event feed to consolidate event details and make the visualisation less cluttered. Admins now also have a way to set up dashboard templates, so that they can transform some best practice views into dashboards, should there be a need for new ones. Users can then customise them by choosing predefined scope variables.

To make sure the monitoring tool is also up to snuff for the Kubernetes crowd, Sysdig Monitor 3.0 comes with what the company calls “Universal Kubernetes Support”. For that they verified that users of different Kubernetes offerings like “original” Kubernetes, Kubernetes with Mesosphere/Docker, OpenShift, Azure Container Services, Rancher, PKS, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service can make the most of their product.

The 3.0 release comes with additional default dashboards to stay on top of your Kubernetes cluster. They let you know about its cluster state, and master health, and also offer a new UI to manage capacity. As more and more users get a taste for stateful apps, the monitor supports Kubernetes StatefulSets to help identifying bottlenecks and problem sources.

Sysdig Monitor is Sysdig’s offering for monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes and containers. It is also useful for collecting and querying metrics collected via open source monitoring system and time series database Prometheus. Users can build dashboards for correlating metrics with different kinds of events as well as alerts to stay informed of what’s happening. There are also ways to restrict a team’s data and dashboard access to what’s important to them, so that several teams can work on the same infrastructure while maintaining some sort of privacy.

Asked about why you should use more than Monitor’s “BFF” Prometheus in the first place, Sysdig previously pointed to enterprise specific functions and better support in complex environments.

Sysdig Monitor is available in basic cloud, pro cloud, and pro software versions, which differ in support, controls, and data retention amongst other things. Pricing starts at $20 per host and month if billed annually for the basic tier, pro cloud users will have to pay at least $30 per host and month. Rates for pro software are available on request only.