Sourcegraph pulls back the curtain, becomes open source project


Self-hosted code search, navigation and intelligence engine Sourcegraph is now available as an open source project under the Apache 2 License.

Sourcegraph can, for example, be used within a browser, to add IDE-like qualities such as syntax highlighting or symbol type information during mouse overs to sites like GitLab, Phabricator, or GitHub. Code intelligence is offered via the language server protocol. Sourcegraph includes fast global code search and can also be integrated with third-party tools by using an extension API.

Along with the engine, the company behind the engine also put the code for the Chrome and Firefox extensions in a public GitHub repository. An openly available product roadmap should further an understanding of where Sourcegraph is supposed to go. Future features will start as blog post drafts describing them announcement-style, so that developers have a starting point to work backwards from.

To make the collaboration with the now-to-build community easier, Sourcegraph has also introduced a code discussions extension. The feature lets those interested discuss committed code selections, and see discussions attached to certain parts of the code, even if the surrounding lines have changes. On GitHub and Sourcegraph discussions can be displayed inline while browsing.

Changes for commercial users

The former Data Center offering, including features such as single sign-on, and backups, is now available via Sourcegraph Enterprise. Those organisation-grade elements will stay closed source, at least for now, and since they are for paying users only will probably help financing further development.

An enterprise starter subscription will set you back $4 per user per month. It offers single sign-on integration, next business day support and company-wide browser extension deployment with Google’s G Suite. The full enterprise package adds high availability cluster support, cross-repository code intelligence, advances logging, external database support, a private Sourcegraph extension registry, and premium support. Pricing for that is $19 per user per month. Enterprise users can also expect new single sign-on features such as SSO groups and repository ACLs, as well as user access audit logs to make it into the package soon.