GitLab gives dashboards a good wiping in v11.5


GitLab has gone dashboard crazy with the latest update to its eponymous DevOps platform, adding revamped interfaces for security and operations.

The group security dashboard in GitLab 11.5 pulls together security related info into a specific view for security folk and other interested parties. It will cover all SAST vulnerabilities for a group’s projects, and a list of actionable entries that can be used to start a remediation process. Users can then formally create an issue for a vuln, or alternatively, dismiss it.

Further classes of tests including dependency scanning, container scanning and DAST are slated for future versions.

A refreshed operations dashboard summarizes key operational metrics for projects, and pipeline and alert status, and can be set as the user’s preferred homepage, if you’re the sort who needs to see whether everything is turning green…or red. Both refreshed dashboards are only available in the Ultimate or Gold tiers of GitLab.

All editions of the latest version now offer support for KNative, Google’s very recently launched Serverless platform. If you’re really sure you want to dive into what is still Alpha software, you can use 11.5 to deploy it to existing Kubernetes clushers.

Other new additions include: Control access for GitLab Pages, meaning content can be published but restricted to project members; adding the ability for teams to parallelize tests; group file templates; and the addition of dynamic charts for issue analytics.

The full rundown on GitLab 11.5.0 is here.