GitLab says less is more for Christmas – serverless that is

GitLab says less is more for Christmas – serverless that is

GitLab will bundle serverless workloads into its core platform later this month, extending its Knative support and sealing a partnership with just launched serverless platform provider TriggerMesh.

GitLab said it will let customers plan, build and manage serverless workloads along with the rest of their code, in the upcoming GitLab 11.6.

The firm’s director of cloud native alliances, Priyanka Sharma, wrote in a blog post that “making serverless multi-cloud and accessible to everyone is a big, hairy, audacious goal”.

GitLab aims to grasp that goal by leveraging the support for Knative that came in Gitlab 11.5. With 11.6, customers will be able to deploy functions to Kubernetes using TriggerMesh’s Knative CLI, allowing them to use compute from multiple cloud providers and on-premise kit.

The serverless functionality will kick-in as “an alpha offering” with GitLab 11.6 which will drop on December 22. Once they’ve upgraded, users will be presented with a Serverless tab in the Operations menu, from which they can access their defined functions and see which Knative clusters they’re deployed to.

Sharma, in her blog post, “with GitLab Serverless they [developers] can now enjoy the cost savings and elegant code design serverless brings, from the comfort of their established workflows.”

North Carolina-based TriggerMesh was founded by Sebastien Goasguen, the creator of Knative precursor, Kubeless. TriggerMesh announced itself just last month, with the launch of its Serverless Management platform, which it says allows developers to “automate the deployment and of functions from their favorite version control system on the TriggerMesh cloud powered by Knative.”