OpenStack Swift object store makes it a double for AWS S3


OpenStack’s Swift object store has been updated for the second time this year for Amazon’s S3.

Version 2.20.0 delivers improved compatibility with S3, the Swift project said, building on the support added in the first half of 2018.

Improvements include streamlining the download of multipart objects using ETags, with clients now able to validate data after download. Also, signature validation has been simplified, with Swift able to request a signing key and validate the request locally – a change that should allow more concurrent connections and requests per second.

Also updated are encryption and performance.


Swift will now let you use more than one keymaster at a time – Swift employs a system of keymaster system to manage and access encryption keys. That involves a basic keymaster that stores data in a config file, a keymaster that talks to the OpenStack Barbican service and a keymaster that talks directly to the external key management system with the KMIP protocol.

Finally, on performance, code deletion and synchronisation has been improved and parameters tuned to reduce excessive consumption of CPU cycles.

Details of more changes are here.


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