What’s the point: Serverless Framework, GitLab squash bugs, Istio gets talking

What's the point

The Serverless Framework team has pushed out v1.36, with a fistful of bug fixes, almost two fistfuls of enhancements, but no new features per se.

Five bugs are addressed, including a fixed error log output, and a syntax bug that  caused deployments in the wrong region.

Nine enhancements include  updated Cloudflare templates, and support native async/await in AWS Lambda for aws-nodejs-typescript template.

Looking ahead, the project said, “A common request has been Amazon API Gateway v2 and its WebSockets, as well as Application Load Balancer AWS Lambda targets” and “support for both these requests will be introduced when CloudFormation officially supports them.” In the meantime, the focus is on “ tackling the backlog, bug fixes and quality of life improvements

Istio users get forum


Istio has launched a forum for its burgeoning community to get together. The team behind the service mesh said it had tried “several different avenues” to get its community talking, but “each had some downsides”.

Its answer is discuss.istio.io, which it describes as “a full-featured forum where we will have discussions about Istio from here on out. It will allow you to ask a question and get threaded replies! As a real bonus, you can use your GitHub identity.” Its existing Google groups will remain, but in read only mode.

GitLab continuously updates

GitLab pushed out v 11.6.3 for its Community and Enterprise Editions this week. The firm said the update should resolve a number of regressions and bugs in the 11.6.2 release it unleashed earlier in the month. It promised “this version does not include any new migrations, and should not require any downtime.”

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