Datadog swallows elephantine French app testing firm Madumbo

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Monitoring outfit Datadog has lapped up Paris-based app testing outfit Madumbo, extending its reach into experience monitoring and adding a little more AI catnip to its technology stack.

New York-based Datadog said the Madumbo team would join the Paris-based R&D office DataDog opened back in 2015, and are working on “new products which will be announced later this year”.

Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, said in a canned statement. “They’ve built a sophisticated AI platform that can quickly determine if a web application is behaving correctly. We see their core technology strengthening our platform and extending into many new digital experience monitoring capabilities for our customers.”

“Joining Datadog and bringing Madumbo’s AI-powered testing technology to its platform is an amazing opportunity,” said Gabriel-James Safar, CEO of Madumbo. “We’ve long admired Datadog and its leadership, and are excited to expand the scope of our existing technology by integrating tightly with Datadog’s other offerings.”


As with so many acquisitions, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what Datadog is getting – not least because the company’s website now consists of a landing page describing itself as “a platform for automated application testing that’s fast and code-free” and that it’s now part of Datadog.

However, some quick online archeology shows Madumbo described itself as the “most useful elephant in the room” and offered “completely automated testing of your website”. It promised its bots would crawl the website in question, testing pathways and spotting errors before returning results, whatever the stack, in “less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, without a single line of code required”. Which begs the question, are we talking espresso or French press.

Pricing ranged from free for personal projects and prototypes to $99 a month for bootstrap smaller teams, $259 for startups. A POA enterprise option offered SEO reporting, website and cyber security checks. However, according to reports, the existing service will be phased out over coming months.

This isn’t the first acquisition for Datadog. It bought Mortar Data back in 2015, and in 2017.

Datadog has steadily expanded its cloud infrastructure monitoring and analytics offering, with recent announcements including a Cluster Agent for Kubernetes, and end to end monitoring for AWS Lambda functions.

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