Git integration and incremental diff should make Sublime Text experience sublimer


Proprietary “code, markup and prose” editor Sublime Text is out in v3.2, bringing long awaited features such as Git integration to users.

They mostly stem from the work on Sublime Merge, a Git client the company introduced last year. The integration with the version control system means for example that there are now commands to open repositories, or look into a file or folder’s history.

Information on the current branch and the number of modifications can be found in the status bar, while badges indicating a file or folder’s Git status have been added to the sidebar. If this isn’t of interest to you, show_git_status can be used to disable the integration.

Another new addition is one to stay on top of recent changes and includes diff-related commands to jump to the next or previous modification or just revert a change. Dedicated diff markers in the gutter show added, modified, and deleted lines, but in case you prefer your diffs inline, there is an option in the context menu as well as a keyboard shortcut for that. Incremental diff behaviour can be controlled via the mini_diff setting, git_diff_target should help managing the base document source.

The editor now has a block_caret setting available, the .sublime-theme format includes a keyword for deriving themes from another and a way to specify colours via CSS syntax. Also, v3.2 has better syntax highlighting for Clojure, D, Go, and Lua. Additional functions View.set_reference_document() and View.reset_reference_document() in the software’s API are available for controlling diff generation.

Developers using Sublime Text on Linux will be happy to hear that they should encounter less crashes, improved input support and behaviour more in tune to the platform conventions on first and last file lines once they update the tool.

Sublime Text is available for a variety of Linux distributions, Windows, and OS X. A personal license will set you back $80, businesses get a discount if more than nine licenses are purchased.