Blameless smiles innocently, claims to be world’s first SRE platform

Blameless smiles innocently, claims to be world’s first SRE platform

If you love the idea of site reliability engineering but have been wondering where you can buy some, the wait is over with the unstealthing of startup Blameless.

The Palo Alto-based outfit claims to offer the “first complete enterprise SRE platform”, and says it already has more than 20 enterprise customers using it, including Home Depot and DigitalOcean.

The emergence from stealth mode came as it revealed $20m in funding – an initial $3.6m last year, and a further series A round of $16.5m earlier this year – which it will use to build out its platform.

SRE can be a difficult term to pin down, though its originators at Google would say it’s “what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations”. Others would say this sounds a lot like DevOps.

Blameless’ CEO and cofounder, Ashar Rizqi, a former head of core platform at Mulesoft and SRE manager at Box, wrote in a blogpost last year that though the two approaches tackle the same challenges, “there is not an equivalence in philosophy, attitude and approach to many of them that is shared by the two practices.”

Blameless’ platform encompasses incident resolution, including “AI to engage the right people and teams in the right way.” It also promises to enable “blameless post mortems”. The platform will serve up the relevant info and bring “proper context and industry best practices to your post mortem process.

Blameless also promises to bring Reliability Insights based on “event data across your entire DevOps stack” allowing you to run queries and create dashboards, “meaning teams can quickly find signals amongst their DevOps data noise”. Lastly it will support the creation of SLOs and error budgets.

Pricing has not been disclosed, and neither is it clear how the platform will actually be delivered, though presumably it will come as a service. A dig around its recruitment pages says the platform includes “a bot that automates to faster resolution [sic], an API to track and manage SLAs, and a web app to stay on top of key metrics, manage problems, track action items, and assess the reliability of your business” and it is looking for recruits with experience in SaaS and service provider environments.

Those ambitions will likely require plugging into numerous other tools, and the firm’s product page says its integrations library “offers extensive third-party integrations” though it doesn’t break them out at this point.

It’s a fair guess that many of those tools belong to companies already offering at least part of what Blameless aims to offer. There’s no shortage of dashboard and insight providers out there. Even legacy enterprise platforms offer incident management, while Aussie heavyweight Atlassian offers incident management and supports (blameless) postmortems within its Jira Ops product.