What’s the point: Fluentd graduates at CNCF, GitLab updates, Datadog chats, and Azure cuts

What's the point

Fluentd has become the sixth project to “graduate” from the CNCF’s incubation holding pen for open source projects. Fluentd was originally created in 2011 by Treasure Data co-founder Sadayuki Furuhashi as an open source data collector for building a unified logging layer. It now has four active maintainers and over 160 contributors. Graduation means it has demonstrated “thriving adoption”, structured governance, and met code of conduct and best practices requirements. Other graduated projects include Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS and containerd.

GitLab continuously updates

GitLab has released v11.9.8 of its Community and Enterprise Editions. The release delivers a handful of changes, including improved performance of GitLab’s Pull Request importer, and disables method instrumentation for diffs. Also this week, GitLab issued critical security releases 11.9.7, 11.8.7, and 11.7.11 for its Community and Enterprise Editions, fixing a flaw in the GitLab groups API which could have disclosed group runner registration tokens to unauthorirsed users.

Datadog wanders into a chatroom near you


Datadog has announced an integration with Google Hangouts Chat, to deliver realtime collaboration for teams, for example when their Datadog dashboards flag up an outage. Included features include the ability to share annotated snapshots of Datadog graphics, and to create alerts targeted at Chatrooms.

Microsoft shrinks Container prices

Microsoft will cut its pricing on its Azure Container Instances  by 15 per cent per vCPU per second as of March 1. Memory prices per GB of memory per second have also been cut, by around 70 per cent. The vendor said that depending on region, and configuration, customers should see an overall price reduction of 35 per cent and 50 per cent.

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