Stars align as DataStax comes up with Cassandra-aaS product


Database company DataStax used its Apache Cassandra conference DataStax Accelerate to introduce a new cloud data platform, which will, amongst other things, include an “as a service” version of the popular NoSQL database.

The new offering goes by the name of DataStax Constellation and will be launched later this year, after an early access phase starting in summer. The goal of the product is to “deliver the services needed to build, deploy, and manage modern applications” via a cloud console.

The initial release is planned to include DataStax Insight, a performance management and monitoring tool, as well as the afore-mentioned Cassandra as a Service product. Insights is meant to help users solve cluster issues identified by making use of AI techniques. It will also provide insight into cluster performance bottlenecks and highlight database-related anti-patterns in applications to improve responsiveness.

Meanwhile, Cassandra as a Service is a hosted version of the database that also handles the more complicated parts of the configuration and tuning process. It comes with an integrated development console and customised application drivers to get things like provisioning and backups set up quicker.


DataStax Insight is going to work with the Cassandra as a Service offering as well as with DataStax Enterprise on-prem. Support for the company’s on-prem and cloud Apache Cassandra distributions should be added later.

DataStax Apache Cassandra as a Service is said to be compatible with the rest of the ecosystem, which means migration should be easy. It also means, that you can leave again without jumping through hoops, should it not be to your liking.

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