WTP: CloudBees brews Jenkins with Java 11, points Codeship at GitHub, GitLab experiments with Salesforce

What's the point

CloudBees has announced that its Cloudbees Jenkins Distribution now runs with Java 11. The announcement follows the Jenkins’ community announcement of full support for Java 11 in Jenkins from v2.164 earlier this year. CloudBees said “all plugins in the envelope now are validated against Java 11” and  Java 11 support is covered by CloudBees Jenkins Support SLAs for CloudBees Jenkins Distributions and opens source Jenkins installations. CloudBees added that “As of now, there is no Docker image of CloudBees Jenkins Distribution including Java 11. The support of Java 11 for other CloudBees products is not planned yet.”

Codeship pulls up alongside GitHub

Meanwhile, CloudBees has launched an “integrated experience” between its Codeship platform and GitHub. The service should make it easier for developers to connect their GitHub repos with CloudBees Codeship, with the companies promising CI/CD setup from GitHub will take just minutes. A free tier offers up to 100 builds per month, paid plans start at $49 a month for a “small instance” running one build and two parallel pipelines.

GitLab digs into Salesforce

GitLab has sealed a partnership with Salesforce, which will allow Salesforce DX users to use GitLab for source code management, continuous integration, continuous delivery, project management, and more. GitLab has produced a Salesforce project template and a templatized CI/CD pipeline using the CRM giant’s Scratch Org and Package Type features. To tempt Salesforce users, GitLab is offering them three months of its Gold service for free.

Azure Container Registry pulls on Helm 3

Microsoft has announced that support for OCI new artifact types, including Helm 3 charts, is now available in its Azure Container Registry.