GitHub acquires Pull Panda, pushes toolset for free

GitHub acquires Pull Panda, pushes toolset for free

GitHub has made its third acquisition since being borged by Microsoft, by snapping up tools vendor Pull Panda.

Pull Panda CEO Abi Noda founded the company to help others keep pull requests from slipping through the cracks during daily business and find ways to measure and understand a team’s development process. Since open PRs might lead to a slowing down of the development and therefore shipping process, having an eye on those can grow to be an issue in more complex projects.

To address this, Pull Panda developed GitHub applications Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics, and Pull Assigner. Pull Reminders use Slack to make sure team members know about pull requests and nudge them if a PR stays open for too long.

Pull Analytics helps to identify bottlenecks by for example giving an overview of each reviewer’s workload. To make sure reviews aren’t per default assigned to the same people, Pull Assigner can help by either equally spreading the review load between team members or using a round robin approach to randomly assign reviewers.

Pull Panda’s tools will eventually end up as part of GitHub. Since this might take a while however, they are now freely available as one application on the GitHub Marketplace.

Pull Panda isn’t the first company bought by GitHub. Back in 2014 it made a move on WYSIWYG web design tool developers Easel. In 2011, software company Ordered List made it into GitHub’s shopping cart. After a couple of quiet years the company started to spend again and bought Spectrum and Dependabot after becoming part of Microsoft last year.