CloudBees spins out JenkinsX distro, support plans

CloudBees spins out JenkinsX distro, support plans

CloudBees has released its first JenkinsX Distribution, alongside paid support plans for customers who want handholding while implementing the Kubernetes focused CI/CD platform.

The CloudBees release is described as “a battle-tested, pre-configured ready-to-go package for Jenkins X that you can count on today. We’ll vouch for it with support and documentation, and evolve it at a predictable and well-tested cadence.”

The release is pitched at tech teams who want to use the platform, but “Can’t go all-in on keeping up with the fast-paced open source project.”

More practically, “it takes the most mature and critical bits, tests and documents them and then gives you a package of a ready-for-primetime slice of the wider OSS project.” 

Hence, the just released version ships with support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and GitHub – but not Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) or DevPods. “These features will come – as will lots of other cool stuff!” it insists. GitHub is listed as the favoured Git provider, as is JenkinsX Pipelines for pipelines, and there are Quickstarts – pre-made applications you can start a project from – for Spring, Maven, Gradle, Go and Node.

New features will be rolled out monthly, CloudBee said, and it promises “We’ll never let any breaking changes get through unexpectedly.” 

The issue of module and plugin sprawl is an issue for many successful open source projects. CloudBees has sought to rein in unsupported modules for Jenkins in the past, and Ansible recently sought to exert some discipline in its ecosystem, and said there be longer lags between updates.

And just to show things are really serious in JenkinsX world, the project announced a new logo, designed to solve any confusion with both the original Jenkins logo, and Kubernetes brand guidelines – all while retaining that all important bow tie.