What’s the point: Electron, Aqua Security, CloudFormation, and Azure DevOps

What's the point

GitHub-born open source application building framework Electron has just hit v6.0. Breaking changes going along with the release include slightly reworked net.IncomingMessage headers, shell.showItemInFolder() becoming an asynchronous call that returns voids, and the necessity of setting a log path before using app.getPath(‘log’).

The sixth major release also comes with improved support for Promises and updated dependencies.

Aqua Security updates offering for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Container security company Aqua has announced improvements to its Aqua Security for PCF offering. Amongst other things the service gets a couple of new capabilities to protect PAS applications in runtime, such as drift prevention, forensic data collection, and blacklisting of executables.

Since Cloud Foundry uses the Diego system to manage app containers, Aqua now also automatically scans Diego hosts (so-called cells) for known vulnerabilities, and exposure of sensitive data. On top of that, the service tests for cell compliance against the CIS Linux Benchmark. More details can be found on the Aqua Security blog.

CloudFormation paints futuristic roadmap

Those interested in the future of AWS’ infrastructure as code and resource provisioning product CloudFormation can now get insights into what’s planned via a public roadmap. The document is styled as a kanban board, offering pointers as to what’s coming soon and what is currently in the works but might take a little longer.

The board contains four columns dubbed “Researching”, “We’re working on it”, “Coming soon”, and “Shipped”. While there doesn’t seem to be any research going on at the minute, you can look forward to a new parameter DomainName and additional tagging support in the ApiGateway. Soon to come are the possibility to add a description to freshly created roles as well as support for additional Docker Run options.

And even more roadmapping, this time it’s Microsoft

The team behind Azure DevOps has updated the features timeline to reflect the features that are going to land in Q3. According to program manager Gloridel Morales, some of the more interesting aspects under development right now are review approvals for YAML-defined pipelines, and the introduction of rolling, canary, and blue-green deployments to deployment jobs. Other still to come additions should help with managing costs and other things.