Enterprise data, here we come: Cloudera puts Data Platform forward

Enterprise data, here we come: Cloudera puts Data Platform forward

Big data expert Cloudera has launched a first version of its Data Platform, complete with machine learning offering and data warehousing service, meeting the deadline it set itself earlier this year.

The new product comes with data management and analytics capabilities, as well as data security and governance mechanisms for a number of different setups from private cloud to hybrid and multi-cloud configurations. For now, CDP only runs on AWS as far as public clouds go – even though the company mentioned support for two of the major players as a starting point when they introduced the concept in March. The new plan sees support for Azure and GCP coming “soon”.

For its initial release, the platform has been fitted with a number of new services, namely Cloudera Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, and Data Hub. The latter is a cloud-native data management and analytics service meant to support the building of data-safe business applications.

To have something to analyse, however, you first need to get the data from somewhere, which is where the Data Warehouse service comes in. Built on SQL engines, it can ingest data from structured, unstructured, and edge sources for a variety of use cases. Cloudera especially highlights the platform’s means of provisioning and scaling resources, managing workloads, and ability to run analytics directly on object stores without the need to copy the data from it first.

Cloudera Machine Learning on the other hand has been introduced to make machine learning more accessible. The service allows users to deploy machine learning workspaces that have access to the data and preferred tools required for ML. Apart from that it provides easy access to replicate data sets and ways of scaling up the computational power needed for a given project within set guardrails to keep costs at bay.

The services mentioned all make use of Cloudera’s shared data experience (SDX), which enforces once set security and governance policies across data and analytics in different environments.

Cloudera is mostly known for its enterprise distribution of the big data project Apache Hadoop. In early 2019, the company completed its merger with former competitor Hortonworks. The Cloudera Data Platform can be seen as a first step in consolidating both companies’ offerings.