Microsoft to shutter Windows Developer Feedback forums

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Microsoft is set close down its Windows Developer Feedback UserVoice forums (wpdev․uservoice․com), which will no longer accept submissions from October 1st. Furthermore, the forums are set to go offline at the end of October, and will be wiped at the end of November.

The move, which was revealed in a Tweet from Microsoft MVP Rafael Rivera and spotted by MSPoweruser. According to the latter, Microsoft has been moving feedback into the Feedback Hub ever since the release of Windows 10, so that it can serve as a central location for users to submit feedback.

So far, there does not seem to have been much reaction to the decision, which would suggest that the Windows Developer Feedback forums may not be missed by developers,. Devs will instead be expected to use the Feedback Hub or in-app feedback tools such as those built into Visual Studio to report suggestions and problems.

One developer on Twitter asked what the forums would be replaced with, to which Microsoft’s Rich Turner, Senior Program Manager for Windows Console & Command-Line responded that “All will be redirected to more relevant forums/sites. For example the Windows Terminal and WSL GitHub repos”.

Another user responded “So many bugs I’ve reported or commented on that site, most of them without any official response”. This might suggests the Windows Developer Feedback forums may not be long lamented, despite the fact they have been around for some time and the company may even have used some of the feedback to improve its products.