What’s the point: Datadog sniffs security threats, Quarkus tools up, news AWS features

What's the point

Datadog has added Security Monitoring to its service, which it says will help customers detect threats in real time, and investigate alerts across infrastructure metrics, distributed traces and logs. Datadog has pre-existing integrations with a variety of security tools. New detection rules are designed to detect threats and suspect behaviours within logs in real time. The vendor will provide a set of “out-of-the-box” rules mapped to the ATT&CK framework, and promises to “continuously” add new rules for “more integrations and classes of attacks”, while customers can edit and fine-tune rules to their own tastes.

Red Hat tools up Quarkus for Visual Studio Code

Red Hat has added a rake of additional features to its Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code. Quarkus is a Red Hat-backed Kubernetes native Java framework. The new version of Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code includes Gradle support – Quarkus Tools was previously geared towards Maven. In future releases, new features will be “implemented with both Maven and Gradle in mind”. Other new features include a trio of quick fixes, a glob pattern for excluding unknown property validation, and language feature support for logging level values.

AWS looks to CloudTrail for Insights

AWS has launched CloudTrail Insights, which it promises will analyse CloudTrail events and alert users to unusual activity. The service uses machine learning to establish a baseline of activity to detect “unusual activity” in the logs CloudTrail generates. Events can be sent to CloudWatch Events, and “optionally” to a CloudWatch Logs log group. AWS said once the service is enabled, “anomalous usage patterns found will appear in the CloudTrail Console within 30 minutes.”

…and revs PowerShell modules

Staying over at AWS, the cloud giant has announced general availability of v4 of its PowerShell modules. It said these come in three variants, AWSPowershell, AWSPowerShell.NetCore, and the newly released AWS.Tools. The latter new variant, offers faster import times and smaller footprint, and is compatible with PowerShell Core 6+ and Windows PowerShell 5.1