Microsoft goes live with Azure Functions 3.0…but full tooling won’t come till 2020

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Microsoft has announced the go-live release of Azure Functions 3.0, but full tooling for the software giant’s serverless offering will take a little while longer.

The announcement means “it’s now possible to build and deploy 3.0 functions in production,” according to Microsoft.

Functions 3.0 “brings new capabilities including the ability to target .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12.” At the same time, according to Microsoft, it’s highly backwards compatible, “so most existing apps running on older language versions should be able to upgrade to v3 and run on it without any code changes.”

Microsoft goes so far as to promise, “Run 3.0 in production now and you’ll receive support for those apps.”

But you might want to take pause to consider that “While the runtime is now ready for production, and most of the tooling and performance optimizations are rolling out soon, there are still some tooling improvements to come before we announce Functions 3.0 as the default for new apps.” The gaps are listed here.

Setting Functions 3.0 as the default is expected in January. Users on previous versions will continue to be supported, and there are no plans yet to deprecate 1.0 and 2.0, with security updates and patches promised. The firm has committed to  at least a year’s notice of any plans to deprecate a major version.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has given administrators a little more control on Azure DevOps, in the shape of a policy allowing the ability to spin up new organisations to be restricted to named individuals. It has also created a new role, Azure DevOps Administrator, to oversee the policy. Both features will only be available for bigger enterprises with “company owned (Azure Active Directory) organizations”.