Cloud Hypervisor races to hit 0.5.0 already

Cloud Hypervisor races to hit 0.5.0 already

The Cloud Hypervisor project has kept up its dizzying release schedule, pushing out v0.5.0 of the Rust-based project.

The latest version of the open source Virtual Machine Monitor running atop of KVM comes almost two months since v0.4.0, and just seven months after the project was first announced.

Highlights of the latest release include virtual machine dynamic resizing. This builds on the CPU hot plug support in December’s 0.4.0, adding CPU hot unplug and memory hot plug, which “allows to dynamically resize Cloud Hypervisor guests which is needed for e.g. Kubernetes related use cases.”

The team says all three plug/unplug features are built on the same framework, and that PCI devices hotplug is the next feature on the VM resizing roadmap.

The latest version also enhances virtio networking and block support, by “having both devices use multiple I/O queues handled by multiple threads. This improves our default paravirtualized networking and block devices throughput.”

Interrupt management has been given a do-over, with “an Interrupt Manager framework, based on the currently on-going rust-vmm vm-device crates discussions.” The team said this makes the code “significantly cleaner” and “allowed us to remove several KVM related dependencies from crates like the PCI and virtio ones.”

Integration with the Kata Containers project has been improved, following “significant time and efforts debugging and fixing our integration”. This means Cloud Hypervisor is now “a fully supported Kata Containers hypervisor, and is integrated into the project’s CI.”

At the same time, “In order to provide a better developer experience, we worked on improving our build, development and testing tools. Somehow similar to the excellent Firecracker’s devtool, we now provide a dev_cli script.”