DataStax gets munchies, swallows The Last Pickle

datastax buy

DataStax has juiced up its services business with the takeover of Apache Cassandra consulting firm, The Last Pickle.

According to DataStax, The Last Pickle “is critical in improving and advancing Cassandra, one of the fastest growing NoSQL databases [and has] released popular open source tools, such as Cassandra Medusa and Cassandra Reaper”.

Chet Kapoor, CEO of DataStax, said in a statement, “DataStax and The Last Pickle are both at the forefront of Cassandra innovation. By joining forces, we strengthen our commitment to NoSQL, the open source Cassandra community, products, and innovation.”

Aaron Morton, founder and CEO of The Last Pickle, said “We’ve worked closely with DataStax throughout the years, so we’re excited to make it official. Together, we will make a bigger impact on the world.”


DataStax said its new acquisition had released “popular open source tools, such as Cassandra Medusa and Cassandra Reaper”, off its own bat.

But perhaps equally importantly for DataStax, The Last Pickle has also “been instrumental in helping enterprises, such as Spotify and NewRelic, harness the power of Cassandra.”

Details of the deal were not disclosed, nor were the precise fates of the 13 consultants and engineers – many of them based in New Zealand – listed on The Last Pickle’s about page.

But given a consulting business is all about people, presumably The Last Pickle’s staffers will all be poured into DataStax’s 600 odd strong workforce.

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