What’s the point: Docker finds Windows Home, IntelliJ IDEA tweaks, Puppet Remediates, Spring Sec GA

What’s the point: Docker finds Windows Home, IntelliJ IDEA tweaks, Puppet Remediates, Spring Sec GA

Docker has announced experimental support for Windows Home WSL 2 integration, which means Windows Insider users on 19040 or higher can now install and use Docker Desktop. The container pioneer said Docker Desktop for WSL 2 Windows Home is ”a full version of Docker Desktop for Linux container development… with the same feature set as our existing Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend.” If that appeals, other requirements include being on Windows Insider Preview build 19040 and running Docker Desktop Edge

JetBrains jacks up IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains has updated its IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 EAP. Changes include enabling the Commit dialog by default, reverting to how it was in v2019.3 and earlier. Users can now installed Git direct from the IDE, if they don’t already have it. A number of Java inspections have been added such as date formats, redundant method calls. The import settings dialog has been removed for existing users, and only users who do not have a config folder from the previously installed IDE versions, but who have accepted the License and Privacy Policy, will see the Import Settings dialog when the IDE starts for the first time.

Puppet restrings Remediate dashboards

Puppet has given the dashboards in its Remediate product line a scrub-up in the just launched v1.2. The vulnerabilities dashboard has been redesigned with a new Metrics board, as well as data visualizations, while a Node overview tab shows key stats on nodes affected by vulnerabilities. The database underlying the product has been revamped to boost performance. The release also fixes eight medium severity vulnerabilities.

Spring Security 5.3 goes GA

Spring Security 5.3 has gone into general availability, bringing together the work that went into 5.3.0.M1, 5.3.0.RC1, and 5.3.0.RELEASE. New features include the addition of Kotlin DSL to Servlet, the addition of DSL support for custom header writers in WebFlux, and support for RSocket Authentication extension in RSocket. Full details for the update are here.