WTP: GCC, Longhorn, Flagger, Travis CI, and Docker’s first GitHub Action

What's the point

GCC 9.3 has been made available. The bug-fix release takes care of over 150 regressions and serious issues in version 9.2 of the GNU Compiler Collection. Amongst the general improvements that also made it into the release are a new option to provide a safe compilation for live-patching and one providing finer option completion in a shell.

Version 9.3 has been fitted with new profiling options to filter which source files are instrumented and some enhancements to the -fopt-info output. The tools diagnostics also saw some changes, so that it now labels source code regions with pertinent information and includes an option for emitting diagnostics in a machine-readable format.

Longhorn answers users’ requests for volume expansion

Longhorn, a project offering distributed block storage for Kubernetes, has taken a further step towards production readiness in the recently released version 0.8. It now includes a feature to automatically salvage faulted volumes and make them available again as soon as the network allows.

The new release also promises performance improvements on attaching and detaching for setups with large numbers of volumes per node, progress reports of rebuilds and support for Kubernetes zones and region tags for replica replacement. Apart from that, the Longhorn team has finally answered its users’ wish for volume expansion, by starting to offer experimental offline expansion in the 0.8 release.

Flagger almost ready for the big 1.0

Cloud-native tech company Weaveworks has finished a first 1.0 release candidate for its progressive delivery tool Flagger. It is meant to automate the release process for apps running on container orchestrator Kubernetes, while reducing the risk new versions can entail by only gradually shifting traffic to a new version.

Flagger 1.0 is the first to come with a metric template and an alert provider API resource, and is meant to work better with Istio. The final release should land soon, after that support for Kubernetes Ingress v2 and additional service meshes, as well as more metric providers are on the agenda.

Travis CI opens up to Bitbucket users

CI/CD platform Travis CI has used its latest update to allow users to connect their Bitbucket repositories to its online service. The new integration is still in beta, which means functionalities and the user interface might still change, but the team is looking for feedback from those currently using Atlassian’s repo management.

Docker tries hand at GitHub actionsContainer cornerstone Docker has investigated GitHub Actions for a while now and finally released its first officially supported one. Inspired by the complex actions of its users, the action supports the common workflow of building and tagging an image, logging it into the hub and pushing it.