MCubed Online: Join us for one day of practical tips for real-world machine learning

MCubed Online: Join us for one day of practical tips for real-world machine learning

There’s one thing that hasn’t been disrupted over recent months. Machine learning and AI continue to push their way into the mainstream, and are helping provide answers to the blizzard of tough questions we are all facing right now.

But with budgets tight, and the need for results, let’s say, pressing, the focus is on practicality, usability, and accessibility. We just don’t have time for anything else.

And that’s why you should really join us at the one-day MCubed Online conference on October 14, where our lineup of highly experienced speakers will be taking a decidedly pragmatic, hands-on approach to machine learning, AI, and analytics.

The BBC’s Ewan Nicholson will show you how to design simple, reliable machine-learning systems, while Seldon’s Ryan Dawson will demonstrate how to apply DevOps to machine learning while taking into account the different workflows and software artefacts involved. We’ll have MCubed veteran Dr Janet Bastiman, who will start from the position that most testing in AI projects is “rubbish” before showing you where and how to apply testing methodology to ensure you “won’t end up being one of those embarrassing failures in the news.”

We’re also honoured to be able to welcome Dattaraj Rao, author of “Keras to Kubernetes: The journey of a machine learning model to production”, to the virtual stage. In the last couple of months Rao took a long hard look at the facets of a responsible AI system, examining everything from reproducibility and transparency to security and privacy. His findings are the subject of his session, so if you have that creeping feeling you could do a bit better on any of these fronts, swing by to get some help to improve.

Other sessions will cover ethics in AI, model deployment on Azure and Kubernetes, and practical advice on monitoring your machine learning training, data and infrastructure – something we’re sure will be useful to many of you .

You can see the full lineup, and the schedule, on our website right here. All speakers will be available for extended live Q&A sessions, so why not start collecting your questions now!