Feeling like it’s time to rebuild? Join us at Continuous Lifecycle Online

Feeling like it’s time to rebuild? Join us at Continuous Lifecycle Online

Event Whether the last 12 months has seen you accelerating your organisation’s digital transformation or working flat out just to keep the lights on, it’s time to take stock, share stories and think about what comes next.

That’s why we’re bringing some of the software world’s brightest speakers to a screen near you with Continuous Lifecycle Online, which will be running from May 10 to 12.

This will be our sixth year of bringing you the best in DevOps, Containers and CI/CD, and, inevitably, this year things will be a little different.

Firstly, we’re running the conference as a single track across three days, meaning you don’t have to choose between sessions. And to make it even easier to navigate, each day will focus on a key theme.

So, day one will concentrate on DevOps, day two on Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, while day three will focus on containers.

What doesn’t change is that each session will bring you face to face with practitioners who have taken cutting edge ideas and technologies out of the realms of slideware and put them to work to crack demanding, real-world, business challenges.

So, for example, on the first day Lego’s Nicole Yip and Mathilde Pind will explain the challenges her team faced after shifting Lego.com to serverless, while Red Hat’s Tom Geraghty will show how psychological safety, resilience engineering and DevOps all tie together.

Sessions on day two include Starling Bank’s Jason Maude detailing a “rampantly pragmatic” approach to migrating deployment, and ThoughtWorks’ Tim Fletcher takes you on a deep dive into the magic of infrastructure pipelines.

Day three speakers include the CNCF’s Katie Gamanji, who will explain how GitOps can deliver Zero-touch Infrastructure and Application Provisioning while Container Solutions’ Ádám Sándor will be showing you how to automate the enterprise with Kubernetes operators.

This is, of course, just a small taster of the full line-up, which you can peruse here, and there are still further sessions and keynotes to confirm.

All the sessions will feature extensive Q/A time, but just in case that’s still not enough, we’re looking at other ways to ensure you get all your questions answered, offline if necessary. And ticket holders will have the opportunity catch up on recorded sessions, so if you do have to deal with an emergency, you won’t miss out on anything.

You can access all three days for just £250 or take things day by day. Full registration details are here.

Yes, we wish we wish we could all see you in the flesh, but there’s always next year. And just imagine the stories we can share then.