Red Hat and AWS’s ROSA hits GA. Managed OpenShift in the cloud, anyone?


Red Hat’s OpenShift application platform has been available for many years as a self-contained platform-as-a-service, typically deployed on-premises running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but Red Hat and AWS are hoping devs will lured by the apparent ease of managed service ROSA, which hit GA this week.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is a managed service designed to make it simpler for developers to build and deploy container-based applications in the cloud using OpenShift.

ROSA streamlines the migration of such on-premises OpenShift workloads to AWS and offers a tighter integration with other AWS services, according to Red Hat.

While it is possible for a user to deploy OpenShift into AWS themselves and then use it to deploy applications, ROSA has been built as a native AWS service accessed on-demand through the same console as other AWS services. As a fully managed service, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the OpenShift clusters are handled by Red Hat and AWS engineers, with the service backed by a 99.95% service level agreement.

Customers also get the benefit of access to ROSA with unified billing and customer support directly through AWS, providing the simplicity of a single vendor experience. Flexible consumption based pricing means that organisations can choose hourly, pay-as-you-go or annual billing, while customers pay only for the container clusters and nodes actually used. 

According to Sathish Balakrishnan, Red Hat vice president for Hosted Platforms, OpenShift provides a common, open and enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform that is able to span hybrid infrastructure from the data centre to the cloud.

“ROSA provides a streamlined process for organisations that want to extend the power of Red Hat OpenShift in AWS without having to manage separate technology streams, enabling IT teams to focus on delivering value and not managing underlying infrastructure,” he says.

ROSA follows on from other versions of OpenShift that are available in the cloud: Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a comparable product that is already available on Microsoft’s cloud platform. Red Hat also offers OpenShift Dedicated, a service managed by Red Hat that offers clusters in a virtual private cloud on AWS and Google Cloud. There is also a public cloud version, Red Hat OpenShift Online.