Break point: DataStax and Google Cloud, GitLab Security Release, Deno Company, Red Hat DevOps training and Graylog Cloud

Break point: DataStax and Google Cloud, GitLab Security Release, Deno Company, Red Hat DevOps training and Graylog Cloud

DataStax and Google Cloud have both released tools to help with the migration of databases from on-premises into cloud-based services.

In the case of DataStax, it has added what it calls a zero-downtime migration tool to DataStax Astra, its fully managed DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra. Using this, enterprises can easily migrate live production Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise workloads to DataStax Astra and take advantage of its pay-as-you-go pricing, multi-cloud flexibility and cloud-native agility. The tool is available for zero cost, and it comes with every DataStax Astra subscription, the firm said. More details are available on the DataStax blog.

The Database Migration Service (DMS) from Google Cloud is now generally available, supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL migrations from on-premises and other clouds to Google’s own Cloud SQL service.

Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, the latter of which Google said it will add migration support for later in the year.

Google is not promising zero downtime, but said that DMS migrations continuously replicate database changes from the source to Cloud SQL to allow for fast cutover and minimal database downtime. See the Google Cloud blog for more information.

GitLab Security Release 13.10.1, 13.9.5, and 13.8.7

GitLab has released versions 13.10.1, 13.9.5, and 13.8.7 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). These versions contain important security fixes, and GitLab recommends that all installations should be upgraded to one of these versions immediately.

Among the issues addressed is an arbitrary file read during project import, whereby a specially crafted import file is able to read files on the server. A similar issue has been discovered where a specially crafted Wiki page allowed attackers to read arbitrary files on the server. See the GitLab announcement for further details.

Deno Company founded to drive Deno as Node.js rival

The Deno runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript now has the backing of a company of the same name, founded to drive forward development of the platform. In a blog announcing the Deno company, founders Ryan Dahl and Bert Belder said that Deno is their attempt to breathe new life into the server-side JavaScript ecosystem.

With $4.9 million in seed capital from investors, the Deno Company said it will have a full-time staff of engineers working to improving Deno, ensuring that issues are addressed, bugs are fixed, and timely releases are made, to ensure Deno is a platform others can build on with trust.

Red Hat DevOps training

Red Hat has announced a trio of training options to help development teams get to grips with the culture shift involved in DevOps. Learn DevOps tools and best practices with Red Hat comprises three courses; Open Practices for your DevOps Journey, DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement, and Red Hat DevOps Pipelines and Processes: CI/CD with Jenkins, Git, and Test-Driven Development. See the Red Hat blog for details.

Graylog Cloud for log management

Graylog has made available Graylog Cloud, a hosted version of its log management platform that is claimed to have all the features and functionality of Graylog Enterprise, but without the burden of operational and infrastructure costs. Graylog Cloud supports 90 days of live data and one year of archived data, with a 99.9 percent uptime SLA.

The company claims that Graylog Cloud offers All the features of Graylog Enterprise v4.0, including Graylog Illuminate for pre-built data visualisations of supported data sets, with full control of the customer environment for maximum flexibility, speed in adding new data sources, and unlimited users.