GitOp and Argo: 2.0 is out, with new app management and notification features

VMware Tanzu Advanced

The Argo Project has pushed out Argo CD 2.0, the first major release of the continuous deployment tool for Kubernetes in over a year. This version brings a number of additional features and capabilities such as a notifications framework, application sets for deploying in clusters and more.

Among the major enhancements in Argo CD 2.0 is the introduction of application sets. This brings capabilities for managing and deploying applications across multiple clusters, enabling operators to install add-ons into clusters, or even direct a customised add-on into a subset of clusters. According to the Argo team, developers can use this to deploy their application with different configurations in different clusters, while keeping all manifests in a single repository.

Also new is a rich notifications framework. Many developer teams rely on integrations between their app platform and services like Slack or email to deliver notifications of an error message or process completion, and Argo CD now supports these with its own notification framework. This includes support for GitHub webhooks, enabling a richer set of triggers and integrations.

Argo CD 2.0 adds an image updater feature that can integrate with popular image repositories like Docker Hub, Quay or GitHub Container registry. This feature automatically monitors the repository and updates image tags very time a new application image is created, saving developers from what can be a trivial but time consuming task.

The Argo CD 2.0 user interface also adds Pods View, aimed at making it easier to get an overview of all the pods in an application. This is particularly useful for large applications that have may hundreds of pods, according to the Argo team, as it only shows Kubernetes pods and closely related resources rather than the entire resource for the application. Pods View supports grouping related resources by Parent Resource, Top Level Parent, or by Node.

Another enhancement is in the Logs Viewer log, where the log visualisation feature has been rewritten to support pagination, filtering, the ability to disable/enable log streaming, and even adds a dark mode, all aimed at making it easier to troubleshoot issues.

More details of Argo CD 2.0 can be found on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation blog, or on the Argo CD GitHub page.