CircleCI seduced by Vamp’s orchestration charms


CircleCI has acquired Vamp for its release orchestration platform, which the firm aims to integrate with its own continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools in order to provide developers with a full set of automated deployment capabilities.

As one of the most prominent CI/CD providers, CircleCI claims it has been helping engineering teams automate software delivery at scale for nearly a decade. With the acquisition of Vamp and its release orchestration capabilities, CircleCI will be looking to to be viewed by devs as a one-stop-shop for DevOps automation and change validation tools.

“At CircleCI, we recognise that the world of software development has evolved, and we are evolving right along with it. The emphasis on change validation is at the core of where we see the CI/CD market heading,” said CircleCI CEO Jim Rose, in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Vamp describes its product as a cloud-native release orchestration platform designed to help DevOps teams to release reliable software faster and more frequently into production. It provides tools for real-time testing in production, so dev teams can automate their release process, with control over when new versions and features are made available, and to which customers or segments.

Vamp states that its platform continuously validates the required performance, quality and business impact of each release. It uses machine learning techniques to automatically detect regressions and anomalies, and can then rollback failed ones, avoiding customer-facing failures.

As such, Vamp appears to provide the deployment tools to complement CircleCI’s existing CI/CD capabilities.

“Joining CircleCI was an organic fit that will provide enhanced visibility and control for developers to build software in a more streamlined way,” commented Vamp CEO Nico Vierhout.

CircleCI also announced that it has received an extra $100m in a Series F funding round led by Greenspring Associates with participation from others including, Sapphire Ventures, Top Tier Capital Partners, Baseline Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners.

Rose said the new capital would allow CircleCI to double down on its focus of providing a best-in-class CI/CD platform to increase developer productivity. “It also opens doors for business growth opportunities in three areas that we see as the next frontier of software development: continuous validation, data and insights, and managing software complexity,” he added.