Break point: XCRemote Cache, PagerDuty, Prometheus, CockroachDB, and Spring Data

Break point: XCRemote Cache, PagerDuty, Prometheus, CockroachDB, and Spring Data

Spotify’s research and development division this week shared its home-grown XCRemoteCache library with iOS engineers everywhere. The project was developed to reduce app build times by providing a remote caching implementation for iOS projects. Its goal is to facilitate reusing Xcode target artifacts generated on CI systems and currently supports Objective-C, Swift, and targets mixing both languages.

PagerDuty adds capabilities for action automation, launches Rundeck Cloud

PagerDuty has rolled out a couple of new additions to its incident management platform, so that it now features a decision engine to help teams automate actions during incident response based on event conditions, and ways to enforce best practice standards for managed services. The company also launched a fully-managed Rundeck Cloud service to offer teams managed infrastructure they can use to build and run automated workflows.

Prometheus gets Agent

Monitoring project Prometheus this week announced an operational mode that is going to be available for all users with the release of version 2.32. The so-called Agent Mode is built into the software to optimise Prometheus for the remote write use-case and replaces querying, alerting, and local storage with a customised TSDB WAL. 

Benefits are said to include improved efficiency and horizontal scalability for data ingestion. The mode should be used carefully though as it entails additional complexity.

CockroachDB 21.2 crawls into the world

Cockroach Labs distributed database management system CockroachDB can now be downloaded in version 21.2. According to the release announcement, the update is meant to improve the developer experience with new SQL syntax including ON UPDATE and expression indexes, index usage statistics, and changes to persist SQL transactions and statements data for multiple days. 

Version 21.2 also saw the product’s change data capturing system gaining additional tools for expanded logging and a new webhook sink for delivering changefeed messages to arbitrary HTTP endpoints.

Spring Data learns to work with large result sets

Spring Data 2021.1 has landed and fits the project with a Spring-based programming model for data access with support for Redis 6.2, Impersonation, Querydsl in Neo4j, jMolecules’ @Identity Annotation for Identifiers, and MongoDB 5.0 Time Series. Its creators also figured out streaming of “large result sets in Spring Data JDBC, Projections, and SQL Builder refinements around conditions, JOINs and SELECT projections”, before returning to work on Spring Data 3, which will also be the task for next year.