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CNAB ready for prime time, says Docker

Docker announced yesterday that CNAB, a specification for creating multi-container applications, has come of age. The spec has […]

Cloud-friendly Ballerina reaches version 1.0

Ballerina, a language that makes it easier to program using networked resources in cloud environments, made it to […]

Apple proclaims rules for iOS 13 apps

IOS application developers have six months to get their applications ready for iOS 13, the company said on […]

Sumo Logic sees Serverless Computing, containers wooing cloud users

Companies are eager to adopt newer technologies in the cloud, according to a report from Sumo Logic. Serverless […]

Google UI Tool update has Devs all a-Flutter

Google announced the latest version of its open source Flutter UI builder yesterday, with a host of new […]

Hey, We’re Open Source Again! Eclipse Unveils Jakarta EE 8

The enterprise developers’ edition of Java has gone completely open source with a new version managed entirely by […]

Python slithers to the top in IEEE study

Python has topped the list of programming languages overall according to a new report by IEEE Spectrum that […]

Pulumi lets you set up cloud infrastructure with JavaScript

Cloud management software company Pulumi has just released a product that lets developers use regular programming languages, including […]

Python Foundation sounds official death knell for Python 2

After over a decade of sniping, the war between Python 2 and Python 3 supporters will soon be […]

Julia 101 – The upstart language with a lot to offer

If you could develop your own programming language from scratch, what would it look like? If you’re a […]