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Dockercon distributed apps

CNAB ready for prime time, says Docker

Docker announced yesterday that CNAB, a specification for creating multi-container applications, has come of age. The spec has made it to version 1.0, and the Linux Foundation...
C quality control

Cloud-friendly Ballerina reaches version 1.0

Ballerina, a language that makes it easier to program using networked resources in cloud environments, made it to version 1.0 this week. The open...

Apple proclaims rules for iOS 13 apps

IOS application developers have six months to get their applications ready for iOS 13, the company said on Tuesday. The phone giant warned that developers must build...

Sumo Logic sees Serverless Computing, containers wooing cloud users

Companies are eager to adopt newer technologies in the cloud, according to a report from Sumo Logic. Serverless computing and containers are taking cloud users by storm,...

Google UI Tool update has Devs all a-Flutter

Google announced the latest version of its open source Flutter UI builder yesterday, with a host of new features. The company unveiled the latest release at its...
Quarkus Java containers

Hey, We’re Open Source Again! Eclipse Unveils Jakarta EE 8

The enterprise developers' edition of Java has gone completely open source with a new version managed entirely by the Eclipse Foundation. The Foundation released Jakarta EE 8...

Python slithers to the top in IEEE study

Python has topped the list of programming languages overall according to a new report by IEEE Spectrum that slices the data in several ways.

Pulumi lets you set up cloud infrastructure with JavaScript

Cloud management software company Pulumi has just released a product that lets developers use regular programming languages, including JavaScript, to define cloud-based infrastructure.

Python Foundation sounds official death knell for Python 2

After over a decade of sniping, the war between Python 2 and Python 3 supporters will soon be over: The Python Foundation has published an official execution...

Julia 101 – The upstart language with a lot to offer

If you could develop your own programming language from scratch, what would it look like? If you’re a C programmer, maybe you’d want something that was a...