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Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Microsoft and Pivotal have unveiled Azure Spring Cloud, a service to simplify deployment of scalable Java applications on […]

Blockchain will be enterprise ready….in a decade – Gartner

You might have long suspected it, but now it’s official: Blockchain is overhyped while most of those enterprise […]

Ten-hut! Triple-power NoSQL store passes Apache parade

A massively scalable open-source database project already powering a fleet of US Navy drones has found its feet […]

Apache CloudStack packs 200 punch

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the latest edition of CloudStack, its cloud orchestration platform. Version 4.13 from […]

It’s Java just, not as we know it: Oracle-Jakarta name talks fail

Open-source enterprise Java won’t carry the official Java name or brand following the failure of talks between Oracle […]

Large update ahoy! Facebook packs PyTorch punch

Facebook has released what it’s modestly calling “a large feature update” to PyTorch with a clutch of fresh […]

Red Hat spins virtualization for smoother enterprise SDN, serverless experience

Red Hat’s virtualisation stack has been updated for software-defined networks – and with a strong nod to the […]

VMware blues banished with Microsoft Azure lifeline

Like worry free VMware with your Microsoft Azure cloud? You’re in luck. Finally. Dell and Microsoft have announced […]

Oracle hands care of OpenJDK 8 and 11 to Red Hat

Responsibility for feed and care of two legacy editions of OpenJDK has passed from Oracle to Red Hat. […]

Shuttleworth: OpenStack made mistakes, but Kubernetes not a replacement

Pity OpenStack. Celebrating its 10th birthday this coming October, the open-source cloud was conceived as the future: the […]