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Joe Fay is content director, events at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.
What's the point

What’s the point: Git patches holes, JetBrains goes cloudy on TeamCity, Puppet Enterprise CD,...

The Git project this week released a slew of patches for vulnerabilities in v2.24.1 and earlier. These plug “various security flaws”, which allowed an attacker “to overwrite...
Istio security

Istio finds pair of critical vulnerabilities, issues trio of updates

Istio has rushed out updates for all three of its series to fix a brace of newly discovered critical vulnerabilities in Envoy that could leave customers with...
Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft opens 35 day window for Azure customers to postpone ‘impactful’ host updates

You can’t postpone the inevitable, but Microsoft has given customers the ability to postpone “impactful” host updates for their Azure Virtual Machines for up to 35 days.
microsoft azure devops

Microsoft goes live with Azure Functions 3.0…but full tooling won’t come till 2020

Microsoft has announced the go-live release of Azure Functions 3.0, but full tooling for the software giant’s serverless offering will take a little while longer.
What's the point

What’s the point: Red Hat migration beta, Spring’s new Boot, and Qt’s latest RC

Red Hat has launched a beta of its migration analytics service, which it says will help customers’ digital transformation by delivering “an inventory of their applications, infrastructure...

Open source luminaries turn up spotlight on GitHub over ICE deal

An open letter to Git Hub demanding that it drop its controversial contract with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was heading towards 400 signatures from...
Fargate fireworks

AWS gets API with HTTP Gateway

AWS has expanded its API Gateway service, adding support for HTTP APIs and introducing a new pricing tier to go with it. The cloud...
aws lambda logo

AWS warms Lambda devs’ hearts, promises end to cold starts

AWS has promised an end to that scourge of serverless computing - the cold start - at least when it comes to its own Lambda platform.

CloudBees lands on Google Cloud with Jenkins X as a service

Jenkins backer-in-chief  CloudBees has pulled closer to Google with the launch of a Saas-based version of its CI/CD platform, powered by Jenkins X and running on Google’s...

Elastic bounces out Stack 7.5.0 release, looks ahead with Kibana Lens

Elastic has shipped what must surely be its last major release of the year in the shape of Elastic Stack 7.5.0. The highlight of...