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Joe Fay is content director, events at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.
GitHub updates status

GitHub greenlights revamped status page, after red (faced) October

GitHub has hit the green button on a new status page, just over a month after a catastrophic outage that showed its current mechanisms were just not up to...
GitLab bug bounty

GitLab offers hackers up to $12,000 in bug bounty programme

GitLab has gone public with details of its bug bounty programme, having doled out $200,000 over the last year to eager vuln spotters. This works out at roughly $1,000 per...

GitLab says less is more for Christmas – serverless that is

GitLab will bundle serverless workloads into its core platform later this month, extending its Knative support and sealing a partnership with just launched serverless platform provider TriggerMesh. GitLab said it...

CloudBees Xs up Jenkins, partners with Pivotal, peers into future

CloudBees has put Jenkins X to the fore in a raft of announcements at Kubecon this week, less than a year after the cloud native CI/CD project first saw...
Oracle cloud native

Oracle shows up at KubeCon bearing ‘comprehensive cloud native framework’

Oracle crashed the party at KubeCon today, promising to free developers from vendor lock-in with what it claims is the “most comprehensive cloud native framework”. The veteran enterprise software vendor...
Azure Container Service Retiring

Using the Azure Container Service? Not for long – it’s retiring

Microsoft will “retire” its Azure Container Service next month, in favour of its Kubernetes powered alternative. Microsoft debuted its Azure Container Service just two and a half years ago, describing...
Pivotal Function Service

Pivotal triggers launch of multi-cloud serverless platform

Pivotal made its move into serverless computing, claiming to be first to market with an open, multi-cloud serverless platform, albeit in alpha. Pivotal svp for Cloud R&D, Onsi Fakhouri, unveiled...

Git v2.20.0 update drops down the chimney with sacks of fixes and new features

Git hit v2.20.0 over the weekend, immediately earning itself the distinction of the largest release in the v2 series, with 962 non-merge commits since v2.19.0. The new version contains reams...
HashiCorp Icon Black

HashiCorp gives Terraform Enterprise users more policy options to play with

Hashicorp has given developers a key to the straitjacket of its Sentinel policy as code framework, making it easier to create policies for specific environments in Terraform Enterprise. HashiCorp unveiled...
JetBrains company logo

JetBrains pushes out TeamCity 2018.2, now with built-in auto-blaming

JetBrains has pushed out a major release of TeamCity, its continuous integration server, with new features including automatic blaming for test and build failures. The Czech-based firm firm said TeamCity...