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Julia Schmidt previously worked as editor of devClass. Before that she reported on software development, organised conferences, and worked as an engineer and software developer.

Put your metrics data where your M3 is

Uber has released its large-scale metrics platform for Prometheus, M3, for others to try and build upon, demonstrating […]

Istio 1.0 – at your service

Nearly two years after development of Istio began, version 1.0 of the service mesh has been released to […]

Jenkins gets cloud native ambitions organised

The Jenkins community’s proposal for a Special Interest Group structure have barely reached draft phase but already spawned […]

Google’s cloud warehouse teaches data scientists new tricks

Data scientists who use Google’s cloud data warehouse BigQuery for analysis now have the chance to add Machine […]

Google starts pronouncing serverless Kay-nay-tiv

With Serverless being the new next big thing and FaaS-on-Kubernetes projects popping up left and right, it was […]

What’s the point: GitHub, Microsoft Azure and Heptio Ark edition

So many point releases, so little time. To keep you up to date on your favourite projects and […]