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White House demands memory safe programming languages but ISO C++ group says it’s only part of solution

The USA ONCD (Office of the National Cyber Director) is joining the chorus of people demanding that developers […]

Microsoft struggles to address fallout from Windows Forms designer failure in 64-bit Visual Studio

An improved 32-bit out of process designer is Microsoft’s solution to broken support for legacy 32-bit Windows Forms […]

React 19 introduced, and ‘Forget’ compiler is now in production at Instagram – but not yet widely available

The React team has described the React Compiler as “no longer a research project,” and has introduced features […]

Visual Studio’s new extensibility model improves, yet frustrates devs with long preview and limited capability

Microsoft’s refreshed out-of-process extensibility model for Visual Studio – still in preview – now supports publication of extensions […]

Rust developers fear language is getting too complex and prefer bug fixes to new features

A new State of Rust survey shows that developers would prefer to see compiler bugs fixed and performance […]

Google Dart 3.3 released, with new model for JavaScript interop to support Flutter WebAssembly

Google has released Dart 3.3, described as laying the groundwork for web applications compiled to WebAssembly, and including […]

Developers urge Microsoft to “reconsider” auto-installing recommended components in Visual Studio

A new feature of the Visual Studio installer, the automatic install of “recommended” components even when not specifically […]

Microsoft will focus on cloudy Aspire stack in .NET 9 and Visual Studio – for closer ties to Azure?

Microsoft will focus on the Aspire stack in .NET 9, now in preview and likely to be released […]

Javalin 6: a lightweight alternative to Spring Boot, now with virtual threads off by default

The open source Javalin project released version 6 last month, a major update to this popular lightweight web […]

From Docker to Dagger: Solomon Hykes on modernisation of the DevOps pipeline

Solomon Hykes, who started the original Docker project in 2010 and co-founded the Docker company in 2011, has […]