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Angular 18 released, including the ‘same library used by Google Search’ thanks to Wiz merger

The Angular team has released version 18 of this Google-sponsored TypeScript framework, including a core library also used […]

Windows development revamped with Copilot Runtime, native PyTorch – and the surprising comeback of WPF

There was news for Windows desktop developers at Microsoft’s Build event, under way in Seattle, including a Copilot […]

Microsoft releases .NET Aspire as an ‘opinionated stack’ for cloud applications, including telemetry and a monitoring dashboard

At its Build event under way in Seattle, Microsoft has released the first production build of .NET Aspire, […]

Interview: Developers spend too much time ‘not coding’ says Harness CEO

Harness CEO and co-founder Jyoti Bansal told DevClass that “developers spend 60 to 70 percent of their time not […]

At Google I/O, Flutter and Dart updates overshadowed by official support for Kotlin Multiplatform

Among Google’s news at its I/O 2024 event this week was the release of Flutter 3.22 and Dart […]

Google Project IDX remote development environment now in open beta – but without iOS simulator

Google has opened its Project IDX browser-based remote development environment to public beta, as well as adding integration […]

GitHub research reports high Copilot satisfaction from enterprise devs… but others doubt productivity gains

 A GitHub report on research conducted with developers at global technology services company Accenture attempted to quantify the […]

Despite improvements, developers bemoan low quality of Microsoft’s C# Dev Kit for VS Code

Microsoft has improved the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with support, Aspire integration and […]

Python 3.13 beta release: feature-frozen, free threading option, experimental JIT compiler

Python 3.13 beta 1 is out, with key new features including an option to disable the Global Interpeter […]

Stack Overflow signs deal with OpenAI

Developer Q&A site Stack Overflow will partner with OpenAI, with ChatGPT using Stack Overflow data and OpenAI models […]