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Node.js creator Ryan Dahl urges Oracle to release JavaScript trademark

The creator of Node.js and Deno, Ryan Dahl, has penned an open letter to Oracle imploring the company […]

GitHub Trending tab gets temporary reprieve after users perplexed and upset by threatened removal

Microsoft-owned GitHub landed an unwelcome surprise on its developer community before the weekend by greeting users of its […]

Faster .NET in version 7? 500 performance improvements detailed

Microsoft’s Stephen Toub, a partner software engineer for .NET at Microsoft, has written a massive post detailing performance […]

Apple eases subscription path to Xcode Cloud to keep devs in the ecosystem

Apple has opened subscriptions for Xcode Cloud, a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) service designed to work with […]

Visual Studio plays catchup with VS Code again – this time with ‘Rainbow braces’

C# principal product manager Mads Kristensen has developed an extension for Visual Studio called Rainbow Braces that displays […]

Jamstack crowd rediscovering the server? Netlify introduces new Next.js middleware runtime

Netlify, which runs a hosting platform for modern JavaScript frameworks, has introduced a new runtime environment for the […]

Bun announces Oven, promises first bake in six months

Upstart JavaScript runtime Bun (the name perhaps an abbreviation of bundle) has got some funding. Oven, a company […]

GitLab DevOps survey: Water-scrum-fall on the rise?

GitLab has released its annual DevOps survey, based this time on just over 5,000 respondents – up from […]

C# 11 coming soon: Generic math, required class members, raw string literals

Mads Torgersen, lead designer of C#, showed off some of the highlights of C# 11, which will be […]

.NET 6 comes to Ubuntu – but where is MAUI for Linux?

Microsoft and Canonical have integrated .NET 6, the latest version of cross-platform .NET and also a long-term support […]