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Swift will get a new Foundation framework with ‘no more wrapped C code’

Apple’s Swift language will get a new open source Foundation framework – used in almost all Swift projects […]

JavaScript survey shows enthusiasm for Tauri over Electron and Vite over Webpack

State of JavaScript, a survey of nearly 40,000 web developers (twice as many as last year), shows continuing […]

Improved Durable Functions coming to Microsoft’s Azure Functions service – but what about cold start?

Microsoft’s Anirudh Garg, who leads the engineering team for Azure Functions, has posted abut planned improvements to the […]

Researchers demonstrate a thousand installs of fake VS Code extension in 48 hours

Researchers at Aqua Security have shown how easy it is to distribute an extension to Visual Studio Code […]

CircleCI warns devs to change passwords, check for unauthorized access after ‘security incident’

CircleCI, makers of a popular cloud-based continuous integration platform, has warned developers that it was hit by a […]

Ruby 3.2.0 released with WebAssembly compiler, production-ready YJIT optimization, and much faster regular expressions

Ruby developers got a Christmas gift with the December 25th release of Ruby 3.2.0, with major new features […]

What if C# were like Go? Open source bflat has ‘Go-inspired tooling’, now targets bare metal

Updated Developer Michal Strehovský has released bflat 7.0.1, with support for C# applications that run on bare metal […]

Microsoft plans pre-compiled queries for Entity Framework, and may replace old and crufty .NET SQL Server provider

Microsoft has published its plans for Entity Framework (EF) Core 8, its .NET ORM (Object-relational mapping) library, including […]

Fermyon’s new Spin and how ‘WebAssembly has miniscule compute requirements compared to more costly containers’

Fermyon’s Spin project has reached version 0.7.0 – now updated with a bug-fix release 0.7.1 – adding important […]

GitLab goes public with Web IDE beta based on Visual Studio Code

GitLab has rebuilt its Web IDE based on Microsoft’s open-source Visual Studio Code, despite that product’s close association […]