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Node.js 18 released with prefix-only core modules, experimental fetch API, and more

The Node.js team has released version 18 of its server-side JavaScript runtime environment. This being an even-numbered release, […]

Netlify chooses Deno rather than Node.js to power new Edge Functions

Netlify, a company which offers a hosted platform for websites built with Jamstack (Javascript, API and Markup) architecture, […]

Microsoft delivers cross-platform .NET MAUI release candidate with go-live license

Microsoft has made available the release candidate of .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), complete with a go-live license […]

JetBrains updates IntelliJ IDEA with new dependency analyzer – although automated update spells danger

JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1, a Java IDE which also forms the basis for other development environments […]

How Function URLs simplify setting up an AWS Lambda endpoint

AWS has introduced Lambda Function URLs, an enhancement to its serverless platform that makes an HTTPS endpoint a […]

TypeScript 4.7 hits beta: Support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js

The TypeScript team has just released the 4.7 beta. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of support […]

Rust for Microservices: One company’s adoption journey from .NET

Rust is excellent for systems programming but a less obvious choice for general purposes like implementing microservices. At […]

Why Stripe embraced remote coding – and fixed Ruby with Sorbet

Soam Vasani, software engineer at internet payment services company Stripe, spoke at QCon, an enterprise developer conference under […]

GitHub Copilot will explain and translate code, now supports Visual Studio and .NET

GitHub has introduced improvements to its Copilot AI coding service, though it remains in invite-only technical preview. Copilot […]

Shrinking the load: A look at Micro Frontends at QCon London

The QCon London enterprise developer event is under way this week, a vendor-neutral event which aims to track […]