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Datadog serves up RUM to bring app users into focus

Datadog has turned its teeth on its customers’ website visitors, adding Real User Monitoring - or RUM - to its menu of services. Or,...
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Kublr lifts velvet ropes around multi-site orchestration for Kubernetes platform

Kublr has launched a private preview of its Enterprise Platform 2.0, which features multi-site orchestration amongst other features aimed to ease the biggest organisations onto Kubernetes.
Google Cloud

Google fires GA starting gun on Cloud Run

Google has announced general availability for Cloud Run, the serverless container environment it first debuted in beta back in May. The GA-ization of Cloud...

GitHub revs up Enterprise Server, hits handhelds as it shuffles betas

GitHub extended its reach from the enterprise to the handheld as it opened its GitHub Universe event in San Francisco this week. The self-hosted...

Red Hat Process Automation gets AI, panders to business analysts

Red Hat has planted some artificial intelligence in its Process Automation middleware and made allowances for the increasing importance of business analysts and cloud native.
Microsoft Azure logo

Azure taps new Stream Analytics features

Microsoft will launch a raft of new features for its Azure Stream Analytics platform in preview next week, though you’ll have to wait at least a few...
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That Continuous Lifecycle London 2020 call for papers deadline? We’ve extended it

We’ve extended the call for papers for Continuous Lifecycle London 2020, meaning you’ve got another two weeks to nail down your proposals. While the...
GraphQL foundation

GraphQL Foundation rounds out membership, sketches out API landscape

The GraphQL Foundation welcomed a lucky seven more members this week, as well as a programme director tasked with bolstering the community around the API technology.
What's the point

What’s the Point? Travis CI’s build config validation, .NET Core on Lambda (not), Istio...

Travis CI has announced a beta of its new Build Config Validation feature. The CI vendor said the feature will validate and normalize any incoming build config...

Like sniffing code? GitHub has a code search challenge just for you…

GiHub is calling on data scientists to help it challenge one of the most pressing issues facing tech - how to search for code for examination or...