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What's the point

What’s the point: TeamCity, Istio updates, GitLab Crossplaned, Pivotal and VMware gets PKS-y

JetBrains has debuted a raft of new features in the release candidate for TeamCity 2019.1, which it also says addresses “100 issues” with the CI/CD server. The...
What's the point

What’s the point: Rook checks out v1.0, Red Hat beta’s odo, Datadog Hyper-V, Serverless...

Rook, an open source source cloud native Kubernetes orchestrator, has hit v1.0. Highlights of the latest version include support for Ceph Nautilus, while support for EdgeFS is...

GitHub engineers band together on Elasticsearch library project, Vulcanizer bounces out

GItHub engineers have open-sourced a library for operating Elasticsearch that grew out of a frustrated effort to build a packaged chat app to administer their clusters.
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Kubernetes co-founder Joe Beda to kick off Continuous Lifecycle London

We're very pleased to announce that Joe Beda, one of the founders of Kubernetes, will be delivering a keynote at Continuous Lifecycle London in May. Joe Beda is not just the...