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JetBrains bows to user pressure and unbundles AI Assistant in new IntelliJ IDEA beta

JetBrains has unbundled its AI Assistant from the IDE, in a new beta of IntelliJ IDEA, which is […]

Hands On: Netlify AI-assisted deployment aims to reduce log-diving

Netlify has introduced AI-assisted deployment to its hosting platform. The feature analyzes deployment failures and suggests fixes, the […]

Stack Overflow turns to Google for hosting and AI features, trusts in Gemini for tech answers

Developer question and answer site Stack Overflow has signed a deal with Google Cloud, through which Stack Overflow […]

Employing your cloud data warehouse to scale up AI/ML

SPONSORED FEATURE: Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said: “I skate to where the puck is going, not […]

Rust-based Zed editor now open source – with built-in support for OpenAI and GitHub Copilot

The Zed editor project – which remains a pre-release – is now open source under the AGPL, GPL […]

AI assistance is leading to lower code quality, claim researchers

AI software development has grown rapidly in popularity, but how is code quality impacted? Not well, according to […]

Google pitches AI developers with Gemini Pro, new tooling, and generous free quota

Gemini Pro, the multimodal AI model which powers Google Bard, has been made available to developers – both […]

JetBrains releases its AI Assistant and pricing – but how does it compare to Github Copilot?

JetBrains has released its AI Assistant, now available in the 2023.3 versions of its range of IDEs and […]

AI Assistants write insecure code that humans trust too much, Snyk survey finds

A new report suggests that AI coding tools “consistently generate insecure code,” highlighting an aspect of automated coding […]

Interview: Not much on Kubernetes at AWS re:Invent? More than it seemed, VP tells us

Kubernetes is hot in the enterprise, yet received little attention in the keynotes at the AWS re:Invent conference […]