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Codeium 1.4 AI assistant adds multiple chats, preview of Command auto-coding feature

Codeium, an AI assistant from Exafunction, has added multiple chat support in the just-released 1.4 version, and previewed […]

AWS previews CodeWhisperer trained on internal code repositories

AWS has previewed a new capability for its AI-driven coding assistant, CodeWhisperer, enabling it to be trained on […]

Build a user interface using AI prompts: Vercel V0 development kit now in public beta

Vercel, sponsors of the Next.js React framework, has opened an AI-driven web development kit to public beta, after […]

Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows limited benefits of AI, return of elite teams

A Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows a widening gulf between the best and worst performing teams, and that the […]

GenAI in a box: Docker, Neo4J, LangChain, and Ollama offer new stack to developers

A new, free GenAI stack aimed at making it easy for developers to get started has been previewed […]

AWS previews Amplify 6 JavaScript library, hints at CodeWhisperer Enterprise

AWS is updating its Amplify JavaScript library to version 6, adding Next.js support, stronger TypeScript support, and smaller […]

Survey: how organizations believe AI will change DevOps

The majority of organizations believe generative AI will have a significant impact on DevOps, according to a new […]

Fuzz without fuss? Code Intelligence introduces AI tool to write test code

Code Intelligence (CI) has introduced CI Spark, an LLM (Large Language Model) AI assistant for creating tests, with […]

Fermyon previews new spin on Serverless AI via Wasm

Fermyon, specialists in WebAssembly (Wasm) microservices, has introduced a new serverless AI platform, in association with Kubernetes hosting […]

Stack Overflow: how much is traffic dropping, and how the moderator “strike” was resolved

Stack Overflow, the web site to which developers frequently turn for guidance on coding issues, said that its […]