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New Relic buys AIops outfit SignifAI, says we can all have a virtual SRE

New Relic has boosted its artificial intelligent quotient by buying SignifAI, a three year old company that has […]

New NLP approach should help Facebook’s machine army to really get vous..ahem you

Facebook has shared an implementation for cross-lingual language model (XLM) pretraining with the machine translation community, so if […]

Databricks aims to flush out MLflow, Delta bottlenecks after investors put in another $250m

Spark originator Databricks has deepened its relationship with Microsoft, after Redmond took part in a funding round that […]

Hey, Presto! SQL query engine brings Foundation to life

Big-data SQL query engine Presto has gone the way of many an aspiring open-source project and sought security […]

Facebook gets childish to kickstart AI language learning

Facebook is partnering with French boffins and Microsoft Research to try and replicate language learning in very young […]

Platinum? That’ll do nicely – AWS drops big bucks on Apache Software Foundation

After years of dabbling, AWS has become a full-blooded platinum sponsor of the legendary Apache Software Foundation. AWS […]

Julia devs keep up momentum with 1.1 release

Julia’s developers recently released version 1.1 of the general-purpose programming language making it more consistent for its growing […]

Microsoft slips into SciKit-learn Consortium mode

Microsoft has joined the SciKit-learn Consortium, the organisation supporting construction of the free software machine-learning library for Python. […]

AWS open sources Neo-AI to push machine learning to the edge

AWS has made its Neo-AI project available under the Apache Software License, despite not being known as a […]

GitHub digs into machine-learning repos, uncovers a lot of Python

GitHub has thrown a light on what is happening in the machine learning and data science development worlds, […]