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Flink ML 2.0 paves way for better usability with algorithm implementations and Python SDK

After putting the project through a major refactoring and giving it a new home, the team behind machine […]

Elixir team advances numerical computing project, plans more machine learning additions

After 14 months of work, the developers behind multi-dimensional tensor library Nx have decided to cut their first […]

NumPy 1.22 kicks off windows/arm64 support, completes main annotation work

After more than a half year of work, the NumPy team has released version 1.22 of the scientific […]

Break point: MariaDB, ONNX runtime, Seldon Core, GitLab, Go, and Oracle

The organisations behind relational database management system MariaDB announced that, starting with the next major update, the release […]

Ray 1.9 makes Train beta, launches Ray Job Submission server

The team behind the Ray framework for building distributed applications has pushed version 1.9 of its project into […]

Break point: Grafana, Wasmer, Rust, Julia, PyTorch Live, Fleet, and Qt Creator

Version 8.3 of observability and data visualization platform Grafana has been made available. The update fixes a series […]

Who’s there? JupyterHub 2.0 gets role-based access control going

The team behind multi-user Jupyter notebook server JupyterHub has pushed version 2.0 out of the door, aiming to […]

OCR Engine Tesseract 5.0 converts to float for faster training and recognition

After more than 2.5 years in alpha, version 5.0 of the popular optical character recognition engine Tesseract has […]

Skint but looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be the answer

Webcast – Combining Serverless and BERT for accuracy and cost-effectiveness with the MCubed web lecture series An old […]

JetBrains updates data-related tooling with support for versioning efforts, Zeppelin and remote notebook use

JetBrains is pushing out its third major update series of the year, which also has some things in […]