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GitLab put focus on security for v14.8 improvements

GitLab 14.8 has made its way into the open with security improvements and slight UI enhancements in tow. […]

Update alert: GitLab and Argo CD push out fixes for new high severity issues

GitLab and the Argo CD project have released a number of security fixes, strongly recommending users to upgrade […]

Break point: Notepad++, Traefik, Charmed Kubeflow, Vulkan, Google Cloud Deploy, and Rancher Desktop

With critical issues taken care of, Notepad++ 8.2.2 is now available thus allowing users of the text and […]

GitLab works towards FIPS compliance, lets ultimate tier stream audit events

The team behind repo management turned DevOps platform GitLab has pushed out version 14.7 of the project, which […]

To each their own: Waypoint introduces workspace scoping, UI improvements

Waypoint 0.7, one of HashiCorp’s newer tools designed to facilitate the building and deployment of applications, is now […]

Welcome to the remote life: GitLab 14.6 lets Geo see off site-specific URLs

GitLab 14.6 is now ready for downloading. With its last release of 2021, the GitLab team tried to […]

All hands on deck: Log4j team rethinks defaults to help prevent Log4Shell – how to know if it affects you

The team behind Java logging framework Log4j has reworked the standard behaviour of its project slightly and made […]

Feeling safe yet? GitLab 14.5 introduces security scanning for infra as code config files

Repo management-cum-DevOps platform GitLab has gotten its monthly update. As part of the release of v14.5 the company […]

TeamCity 2021.2 gets 2FA, further integration and enhanced interface

JetBrains has released TeamCity 2021.2, the latest version of its continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) server, adding features […]

GitLab updates Container Registry with metadata database to ease storage woes

GitLab is preparing to roll out a version of its Container Registry on GitLab.com that implements a metadata […]