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Puppet platform bumps up security, containerizes stack with 6.0 release

Puppet’s maintainers have updated their infrastructure automation and management platform with additional security features and a way to […]

C-level execs embrace DevOps, might not know when it’s not working…

If you’ve been looking to foster a DevOps culture at your organisation you’ll be pleased that top level […]

Ansible Tower promises to play better with others, let everyone work at their own pace

Red Hat has opened up Ansible Tower 3.3 to the DevOps world, connecting it to the OpenShift Container […]

What’s the point: AWS/PowerShell, GitLab, Docker Community Engine

AWS has announced PowerShell Core 6.0 support with AWS Lambda, delighting those who love Microsoft’s configuration tool AND […]

Microsoft gives you DevOps on Azure – whether you want it or not

Microsoft has gone all in with DevOps on its Azure cloud, with a suite of CI/CD, repo and […]

Sumo Logic sees surging Serverless, Containers adoption

If you’re using Serverless, Kubernetes, Docker and DevSecOps, congratulations – you’re in excellent company according to Sumo Logic’s […]

What’s stopping developers boosting GDP by $3 trillion? Other developers…

Software developers could raise global GDP by $3 trillion over the next decade – if they weren’t having […]

Jenkins’ creator takes the wheel and steers into a cloud native direction

Jenkins founder and CloudBees CTO Kohsuke Kawaguchi has issued a bleak assessment of the current state of the […]

Hot and bothered over data? GitLab kicks off Meltano project

GitLab has put data in its sights, launching a project to create a single platform to support the […]

Jenkins gets cloud native ambitions organised

The Jenkins community’s proposal for a Special Interest Group structure have barely reached draft phase but already spawned […]