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Break point: Waypoint, Docker Desktop, Facebook, React, and Weave GitOps Core

Just shortly before kicking off the EU version of its user conference, DevOps tooling specialist HashiCorp announced version […]

Finally. It has happened to Xcode: Apple IDE gets hooked up to new CI/CD service

Apple’s WWDC has come and gone, giving devs a new Xcode to plunge into and finally providing them […]

Patch me if you can: GitLab tackles major security issues, acquires UnReview to smarten up portfolio

DevOps platform provider GitLab has pushed out an array of security releases trying to protect its users’ access […]

Break point: TypeScript 4.3, Red Hat, Databricks AutoML, GitHub OpenTelemetry, Digital.ai and CDK for Terraform

Microsoft has made available TypeScript 4.3, the latest release of its programming language that builds on JavaScript and […]

HashiCorp claims a first with open source service mesh for Amazon ECS

HashiCorp has made available a tech preview of its Consul service mesh to deploy on Amazon’s Elastic Container […]

Build 2021: Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2019 v16.10 and its own OpenJDK

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 v16.10 and the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK among a string of announcements at […]

Coming down the pipeline: GitLab 13.12 brings security, management tweaks

The latest GitLab update focuses on usability and pipeline management improvements, plus changes to make project deployments more […]

Break point: HAProxy 2.4, Datadog for AWS App Runner, Spring updates, DataStax, and GitHub Artifact Exporter

HAProxy 2.4 has been released, adding a host of new features to the open source load balancer and […]

Time to Lego: TeamCity 2021.1 adds Kotlin and Node.js build runners

JetBrains has pushed out the latest version of its TeamCity continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) platform, adding many […]

Atlassian offers flexible terminology in Jira Data Center 8.17

Atlassian has pushed out a second release candidate for its upcoming Jira 8.17 platform. It also revealed it will be supporting flexible terminology in Data Center 8.17.