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Why Facebook does not use Git – and why most other devs do

Facebook internal development started out on Subversion with a Git mirror but switched to Mercurial for source code […]

Netlify sponsors Astro and becomes official deployment partner, as CEO takes aim at “vendor lock-in”

Netlify will sponsor the Astro JavaScript/TypeScript framework and is becoming the official deployment partner for this open source […]

Devs say many of their hours are wasted, disagree with managers on how to fix the issue

Atlassian, maker of developer collaboration tools, has sponsored new research showing that “misalignment between engineers and their leaders […]

Boomi takes aim at zombie APIs with control plane

Boomi has pledged to help users slash their through hordes of “zombie” APIs by shipping the control plane […]

German court rules AI output can be protectable, ups stakes for machine generated code

A German court ruled last week that AI generated inventions can be patented as long as a human […]

Daunting downtime stats help put industrial DevOps under spotlight

Industrial firms are belatedly adopting DevOps as they get their heads round the fact that industrial code is […]

AWS pulls support for EOL’d but widely used versions of PHP

AWS has called time on a raft of older PHP runtimes, sending ripples through a community still wedded […]

Visual Studio Code update previews source change visualization, initial release breaks on older Macs

The Visual Studio Code (VS Code) team has released version 1.91 with new features including visualization of source […]

Posit releases public preview of Positron next-gen data science IDE, promises RStudio will continue

Posit, a public benefit corporation whose best-known product is RStudio, has released a public preview of Positron, based […]

Eclipse desktop and cloud Theia IDE now generally available, but VS Code will be tough competition

The Eclipse Theia project has released the first non-beta version of Eclipse Theia IDE, based on core Visual […]