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React team seeks fix for controversial change in version 19

A change to the way the Suspense tag works in React 19, intended to improve performance, will be […]

Microsoft previews Azure Logic apps hybrid deployment and ‘long-awaited’ C# inline actions

Microsoft has enhanced its low-code workflow service, Logic Apps, with C# inline actions and the ability to deploy […]

Htmx 2.0 released, aims to replace complex JavaScript frameworks with easily understood HTML attributes 

The Htmx project to extend HTML has released version 2.0, the first major version since 1.0 in November […]

NumPy 2.0 rolled out: First major release since 2006 comes with many breaking changes

NumPy 2.0 is out, the first major release since 2006 of this fundamental mathematical library for Python, with […]

Microsoft declares .NET MAUI extension for VS Code production-ready – but devs will take some convincing

The Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension for .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) is now generally available. It’s […]

Official OpeniAI .NET library now in beta, will replace Azure OpenAI library and transition may be painful

OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft, has released the first betas of an official library for .NET. The new […]

Django dev survey shows growing use of HTMX, Tailwind CSS, background workers approved

A survey of 4,000 Django developers shows strong growth in use of HTMX, Tailwind CSS and GitHub Actions […]

GitHub adds Arm64 runners to Actions at last, another advance for Arm

GitHub has enabled Arm-based Linux and Windows runners for its Actions service, used to test and deploy code. […]

Microsoft Windows Dev Home: Fluff, or evolving into something useful?

Windows Dev Home did not excite developers when first launched, but one year on it is looking more […]

AWS Bedrock Converse API: Use same code with different models, works best with Claude 3

AWS has simplified coding conversational applications for its Bedrock AI coding service with the introduction of the Converse […]