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JetBrains releases its AI Assistant and pricing – but how does it compare to Github Copilot?

JetBrains has released its AI Assistant, now available in the 2023.3 versions of its range of IDEs and […]

20 years of Django: Version 5.0 is out with improved form authoring and new ORM features

The Django project has released version 5.0 of this popular web application framework for Python, including improvements to […]

AI Assistants write insecure code that humans trust too much, Snyk survey finds

A new report suggests that AI coding tools “consistently generate insecure code,” highlighting an aspect of automated coding […]

Interview: Not much on Kubernetes at AWS re:Invent? More than it seemed, VP tells us

Kubernetes is hot in the enterprise, yet received little attention in the keynotes at the AWS re:Invent conference […]

Interview: Vercel’s Guillermo Rauch talks up AI-generated UI, unpacks Next.js relationship to React

Talking to Dev Class at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Vercel’s CEO Guillermo Rauch says he’s […]

AWS SDKs for Rust and Kotlin are production-ready after more than two years of development

AWS has made its SDKs (Software Development Kits) for Rust and Kotlin generally available and supported for production […]

AWS adds features to CodeWhisperer stables: AI for infrastructure as code, Visual Studio C# support and more

AWS has added features to its CodeWhisperer AI assistant for developers, including support for infrastructure as code (IaC), […]

PHP 8.3 is released with new features as 8.0 heads for end of life

PHP 8.3 released today into the cold light of day, with fresh features including an Override attribute, JSON […]

Ubuntu chiselled containers arrive for .NET – smaller, more secure, but beware ‘sharp edges’

Ubuntu has made its chiselled containers for .NET generally available, providing a claimed 20 percent performance improvement for […]

Apple’s Objective-C ‘appears to be reaching its end of life’ – or so says JetBrains survey

JetBrains has released its annual State of Developer Ecosystem report, including the claim that Apple’s Objective-C language “appears […]