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React Native and why Microsoft uses it for its own cross-platform development

Interview: Microsoft is among the biggest users of React Native for cross-platform development, despite having its own home-grown […]

AI coding: Hugging Face engineer extols benefits of open source models, but hard questions remain

AI coding using open source models has advantages in transparency and the ability to customize them, but hard […]

Meta based its Threads on Instagram to ship it quickly – and now has to unpick it

QCon London: Meta software engineer Zahan Malkani, speaking at QCon London, said that Threads was shipped in just […]

VS Code updated with test coverage API, fixed floating windows, TypeScript 5.4 and more

Microsoft has released an update to Visual Studio Code, now built on Electron 28, with hundreds of changes, […]

Qt 6.7 and Qt Creator 13 released with variable fonts, improved C++20 support, and more

The Qt Company has released version 6.7 of the Qt framework as well as Qt Creator 13, a […]

Cloudflare updates Workers platform with Python support, event notifications, and improved local development

Cloudflare has updated its serverless Workers platform with new features including Python support, event notifications from R2 storage, […]

Bun 1.1 released with Windows support, stable WebSocket client and more

Bun – a bundler and runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript – was this week updated to version 1.1, […]

Angular previews new features, Google aims to merge it with internal Wiz framework

The Angular team is previewing major new features including the Signals API and a new Output API, as […]

Atlassian takes another step toward full DevOps automation

Atlassian is continuing in its efforts to transform its developer services into a fully fledged DevOps automation platform, […]

Podman 5.0 released with native Mac hypervisor support, new features and breaking changes

RedHat has released Podman 5.0, with rewritten code for Windows and Mac, native Mac hypervisor support, removed CNI […]